Raw Appeal

People will be able to get very raw and visceral videos at the Fake Driving School website. This is not the sort of pornography that attempts to be gentle. This is pornography for the people who are interested in having porn that is very rough visually in more ways than one. Plenty of people like this sort of tone when it comes to almost anything erotic, especially in the realm of visual porn. Of course, some people will disagree with that.

The Line Between Hardcore and Soft Erotic Entertainment

Many people like to specify that they are into ‘hardcore’ pornography or ‘soft’ pornography. However, the boundaries between those standards are actually fairly flexible. In some cases, soft pornography is distinguished by the fact that no one actually has any sex in it. It’s usually just people posing in suggestive ways with minimal clothing, and this is supposed to be something that is still perceived as inherently sexual. The Fake Driving School depicts real sex acts, so it certainly does not fall into that category.

However, some people consider it soft pornography if the sex in question is relatively vanilla. They might only consider it hardcore pornography if the sex involved is very kinky, rough, or unusual in any way. People who are used to watching pornography featuring double penetration might look back at vanilla sex as being surprisingly tame. For people who think that the depiction of sex at all is scandalous, of course, then a depiction of vanilla sex can be hardcore in its own right. In that regard, the Fake Driving School website’s content will probably not be regarded as hardcore.

These standards certainly shift. Two generations ago, oral sex was actually considered so kinky that it was something that couples only turned to in order to spice up a long relationship. It was considered scandalous for almost anyone else to try it at any point. Generation X helped to change that almost by themselves. Today, oral sex is seen as fairly tame. For the people who have modern sensibilities, the Fake Driving School is not going to seem all that hardcore in most ways.

The sex acts themselves at the Fake Driving School website do not have the gentle quality that people will see in some of the amateur porn that features a lot of real couples having actual non-simulated sex. However, this makes a lot of the sex on the website fairly normal for the sort of old-school porn that people would tend to see in most other cases online. This is not the site for the people who like to watch real couples or the gentlest of sexual encounters. However, it isn’t for the people who want everything hardcore either.

Striking a Balance

There are plenty of people who are bored by some amateur porn, but who are also put off by some of the most hardcore acts to come out of the professional world of hardcore porn. The Fake Driving School website should appeal to a lot of these people, even if it will not appeal to everyone.