• 7 French Ski Resorts You Need To Visit In France

    If you are looking for a perfect winter vacation, then it is recommended that you should head for France. The country is full of sunny ski resorts, mountain villages and wonderful alpine scenery. While staying in France, an adventurous activity in which you can involve yourself is skiing. The majority of ski resorts in the country are home to exceptional life systems and extensive trails. Some of the resorts where you can go are as follows:

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    Chamonix lies in French Alps and is known for its rustic lodges, extensive Ski terrain, and charming mountain village. Chamonix is considered as the most legendary mountain in Europe and is exactly the place where the first winter Olympics was held. The skiing facilities here are excellent.

    La Clusaz

    The La Clusaz resort lies very near to the Geneva Airport. There are numerous things in this resort which make it ideal for a nice skiing session. The main features of La Clusaz are its challenging long runs and advanced slopes. 

    Val D’Isere

    Val d’Isere is a worth touring resort due to its 300 Km terrain that contains around 150 ski lifts.  The Ski area is home to excellent cableways and ski lifts.  The Ski area of the resort has gentle slopes for beginners and children. There is no shortage of challenging terrains as well.

    Font Romeu

    The front Romeu ski resort lies in the Pyrenees Mountains. The resort is an attractive winter holiday destination where you can also enjoy a nice skiing session.  The destination is famous for its pristine forests and sunny atmosphere.  The resort is ideal for beginners.


    The Courchevel Ski area surrounds 150 kilometers of alpine ski slopes with around 58 lifts. The pistes and slopes in the resort are popular for their wonderful snow conditions.  The area overall is very beautiful and can really get you refreshed.


    The Cauterets is home to 36 kilometers of Ski runs. The majority of these runs are intermediate however beginners can also enjoy themselves here.  The ski resort also has a park under its vicinity by the name of Oakley Freestyle Park.  The area overall is exceptional and is home to outstanding facilities.


    Gourette was the first ski resort which was developed in the Pyrenees. The resort lies at an altitude of 1400 meters and is a place where people can enjoy the maximum sunshine.  The resort has challenging and fast runs. 

    These were some of Ski resorts which are a must visit in France!


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  • Skiing Resorts in France

    France boasts all the elements necessary for an ideal winter vacation – spectacular alpine scenery, charming mountain villages as well as sunny ski resorts featuring powdery slopes. In the Pyrenees Mountains and French Alps, several ski domains are popular for their exceptional lift systems and extensive trails. Most if not all of the resorts are so huge that skiers try different routes every time. The different sceneries provide skiers with invigorating sights of rugged mountain peaks as they glide through fluffy snow and enjoy gorgeous, bright-blue skies.

    Looking for the best ski destinations in France? Here are the best skiing resorts in France:


    Chamonix is without a question the ultimate French ski must-visit destination. Located in the French Alps, this destination features rustic lodges, charming mountain village, and extensive ski terrain. It’s located on the most legendary mountain in Europe. Its snow-capped Mont Blanc soars to 4,807 meters. The glaciers and mountain that surround Chamonix usually create such a cooling effect, which assures even the Alp’s longest and best lasting snow cover. The internationally renowned resort was the destination of the maiden Winter Olympics. It provides a golden opportunity for ski enthusiasts to enjoy a highly demanding terrain.


    Courchevel is a highly popular ski destination in France. It’s an upscale of ski resorts in the Les Vallees. The ski location is the largest alpine ski domain in the world with 600 km of interconnected ski runs, 10 summits (they sour over 2500 meters), and four skiable glaciers. The Courchevel ski area usually encompasses 150 km of alpine ski slopes featuring 58 lifts including advanced, intermediate and beginner runs. Pistes and slopes are famous for their incredible snow conditions. This is a must-visit location for any ski enthusiast.

    Val d’Isere

    Val d’Isere rests on more than 53,000 hectares of land. It sits on the country’s most beautiful and oldest national park – the Parc National de la Vanoise. The ski location spreads across perfectly a high valley among peaks, which soar to three thousand meters. So what makes Val d’Isere that popular? The main reason is its extensive 300-km terrain, which includes over 150 ski lifts. The entire ski area boasts excellent cableways ad ski lifts. Additionally, there’s an incredible number of runs that provide so much variety.


    The Gourette ski resort is located in the Pyrenees Mountains. It’s 8 kilometers from the elegant and stylish Les Eaux Bonnes that features lovely English gardens and pampering thermal spas. The historic ski resort was the maiden ski area to be developed in the Pyrenees. Because the Gourette Mountains are south facing, skiers can definitely enjoy maximum sunshine.


    Most passionate snowboarders and skiers head to France compared to any other place. Granted, the reason is inescapable. There’s no doubt that the French Alps provide an array of resorts that are top-rated for skiing. The French destinations range from purpose built and high altitude to the lesser-known farming villages with a conventional French feel as well as tree-lined slopes.

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    If you’re passionate about skiing, France is certainly a must visit. The above are the top rated ski resorts in the beautiful country.

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  • Skiing The French Alps: Your Guide to An Unforgettable Winter Vacation

    If you compare it to the US, vacationing in the French Alps for skiing is more cost efficient. Not only that, the gorgeous France offers an unparalleled European ambience, awesome food, and myriad other off-slope entertainment that you can enjoy whilst you stay in the country. The alpine charisma will leave you asking for more.

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    The largest resorts in the region include the Les Portes du Soleil, Paradiski and the Les Trois Vallees. You can head over to any of these for a week filled with loads and loads of skiing. The Paradiski and Les Trois Valless are located in the southwest, towards the Italian border. You can easily access these complexes through the TGV train from Paris. And if you are coming from England, then you can travel directly through the Eurostar from London.

    One of the resorts located in the complex Paradiski is the Les Arcs. The massive resort can be accessed by the TGV. Renting a cab is another option to reach here. If you are coming from Geneva, then it is the best idea to avail a private shuttle that transfers you directly to any of your preferred resorts in the region.

    When it comes to the Les Portes du Soliel, this popular resort is located just an hour away from the Geneva airport. It can be easily accessed, all you need to do is hire a car for the hour long drive. The ski resort is serviced by shuttle and you will easily be able to reach it at the least possible cost. If you are coming all the way from the UK, you should consider yourself lucky. This is because England is the largest market for French skiing resorts, hence the tour packages to France all come with transfers.

    As for the Amercian travelers to the French Alps, a trip to the region is as much convenient and affordable. Ski.com is a wonderful website that caters to visitors who want to book packages to the high-end resorts in France. France’s Skiing industry has a website tat is solely dedicated to the inbound travelers.

    Each of the above discussed resorts has something unique to offer to their patrons. In fact, their distinct character is one of the best reasons to base your choice on. While the Les Portes du Soleil is very convenient to get to, you should not strike out the Les Trois Vallees and Paradiski from your list if you want to make the most of your Alpine holiday. The fantastic cuisine of the Haute-Savoie region is just one of the reasons why you should consider extending your French vacation and explore the country beyond the skiing!

    Update! 30/11/2017

    Please be aware of many fake, pricey hostels running their business in French Alps. They aren’t exactly a bad thing, since many interesting things happen here, to keep the client warm, but we think it should be fair to make you aware of these surprises. What can you say… Europe 🙂

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