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  • 7 French Ski Resorts You Need To Visit In France

    If you are looking for a perfect winter vacation, then it is recommended that you should head for France. The country is full of sunny ski resorts, mountain villages and wonderful alpine scenery. While staying in France, an adventurous activity in which you can involve yourself is skiing. The majority of ski resorts in the country are home to exceptional life systems and extensive trails. Some of the resorts where you can go are as follows:

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    Chamonix lies in French Alps and is known for its rustic lodges, extensive Ski terrain, and charming mountain village. Chamonix is considered as the most legendary mountain in Europe and is exactly the place where the first winter Olympics was held. The skiing facilities here are excellent.

    La Clusaz

    The La Clusaz resort lies very near to the Geneva Airport. There are numerous things in this resort which make it ideal for a nice skiing session. The main features of La Clusaz are its challenging long runs and advanced slopes. 

    Val D’Isere

    Val d’Isere is a worth touring resort due to its 300 Km terrain that contains around 150 ski lifts.  The Ski area is home to excellent cableways and ski lifts.  The Ski area of the resort has gentle slopes for beginners and children. There is no shortage of challenging terrains as well.

    Font Romeu

    The front Romeu ski resort lies in the Pyrenees Mountains. The resort is an attractive winter holiday destination where you can also enjoy a nice skiing session.  The destination is famous for its pristine forests and sunny atmosphere.  The resort is ideal for beginners.


    The Courchevel Ski area surrounds 150 kilometers of alpine ski slopes with around 58 lifts. The pistes and slopes in the resort are popular for their wonderful snow conditions.  The area overall is very beautiful and can really get you refreshed.


    The Cauterets is home to 36 kilometers of Ski runs. The majority of these runs are intermediate however beginners can also enjoy themselves here.  The ski resort also has a park under its vicinity by the name of Oakley Freestyle Park.  The area overall is exceptional and is home to outstanding facilities.


    Gourette was the first ski resort which was developed in the Pyrenees. The resort lies at an altitude of 1400 meters and is a place where people can enjoy the maximum sunshine.  The resort has challenging and fast runs. 

    These were some of Ski resorts which are a must visit in France!


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  • Skiing Resorts in France

    France boasts all the elements necessary for an ideal winter vacation – spectacular alpine scenery, charming mountain villages as well as sunny ski resorts featuring powdery slopes. In the Pyrenees Mountains and French Alps, several ski domains are popular for their exceptional lift systems and extensive trails. Most if not all of the resorts are so huge that skiers try different routes every time. The different sceneries provide skiers with invigorating sights of rugged mountain peaks as they glide through fluffy snow and enjoy gorgeous, bright-blue skies.

    Looking for the best ski destinations in France? Here are the best skiing resorts in France:


    Chamonix is without a question the ultimate French ski must-visit destination. Located in the French Alps, this destination features rustic lodges, charming mountain village, and extensive ski terrain. It’s located on the most legendary mountain in Europe. Its snow-capped Mont Blanc soars to 4,807 meters. The glaciers and mountain that surround Chamonix usually create such a cooling effect, which assures even the Alp’s longest and best lasting snow cover. The internationally renowned resort was the destination of the maiden Winter Olympics. It provides a golden opportunity for ski enthusiasts to enjoy a highly demanding terrain.


    Courchevel is a highly popular ski destination in France. It’s an upscale of ski resorts in the Les Vallees. The ski location is the largest alpine ski domain in the world with 600 km of interconnected ski runs, 10 summits (they sour over 2500 meters), and four skiable glaciers. The Courchevel ski area usually encompasses 150 km of alpine ski slopes featuring 58 lifts including advanced, intermediate and beginner runs. Pistes and slopes are famous for their incredible snow conditions. This is a must-visit location for any ski enthusiast.

    Val d’Isere

    Val d’Isere rests on more than 53,000 hectares of land. It sits on the country’s most beautiful and oldest national park – the Parc National de la Vanoise. The ski location spreads across perfectly a high valley among peaks, which soar to three thousand meters. So what makes Val d’Isere that popular? The main reason is its extensive 300-km terrain, which includes over 150 ski lifts. The entire ski area boasts excellent cableways ad ski lifts. Additionally, there’s an incredible number of runs that provide so much variety.


    The Gourette ski resort is located in the Pyrenees Mountains. It’s 8 kilometers from the elegant and stylish Les Eaux Bonnes that features lovely English gardens and pampering thermal spas. The historic ski resort was the maiden ski area to be developed in the Pyrenees. Because the Gourette Mountains are south facing, skiers can definitely enjoy maximum sunshine.


    Most passionate snowboarders and skiers head to France compared to any other place. Granted, the reason is inescapable. There’s no doubt that the French Alps provide an array of resorts that are top-rated for skiing. The French destinations range from purpose built and high altitude to the lesser-known farming villages with a conventional French feel as well as tree-lined slopes.

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    If you’re passionate about skiing, France is certainly a must visit. The above are the top rated ski resorts in the beautiful country.

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  • The 5 Of The Best Places To Ski In France

    Eclectic France is popular for its unmatched beauty and picturesque views. Apart from that, it is one of the hottest destinations for the winter sports like Skiing. People book special ski holiday packages to this gorgeous place. It is one of the most affordable and perfect destinations for the ski lovers.

    You will not just enjoy the weather of France, but also take a pleasure from skiing. Here is the list of 5 top places, those are perfect for enjoying skiing in the France. Just take a look:

    Les Arch-La Plange

    If you want to enjoy skiing in the high mountains, then you will get all these things at the popular Les Arch-La Plange. The area is full of challenges if you are an expert and professional skier. Snow is extremely amazing here and it is full of modern features. The location of this site is very close to the Bourg Saint Maurice railway station. It means you will get easy access to the location. In fact, a direct train facility is also there to provide you with ease in traveling.

    Les Portes Du Soleil

    The dazzling site of ski lovers is set on the north side of the France. There are many sites available where you can make a selection from. When it comes to staying options, you will get resorts for every budget. If you are a beginner, then Morzine is a perfect choice, while Avoriaz is the excellent choice for those who possess some professional skills. People who are coming here with their family will surely find some jolly good moment with their kids and family here.

    Les Trois Vallées

    It is the biggest ski area in the whole world. It offers opportunities for different level skiers. From beginners to skilled professional, the place offers countless opportunities to enjoy the skiing here with all their heart. The enigmatic site of skiing features around 335 downhills and 183 ski lifts to make sure all the skiers have easy access to the slopes. With more than 2000 snow cannons, dedicated ski lovers won’t have to stress when the snow doesn’t collapse. The area is equipped with all the essential tools to make your vacation unforgettable.

    Isola 2000

    If you want coldest and sunniest ski resorts, then the Isola 2000 is the perfect option to go with. It was developed in the 1970s. The location is very close to the Riviera. In fact, it is just 90 minutes drive away from the mentioned location. Hence, locals visit here often.


    It is one of the first resorts created in the famous Savoy Alps. It is one of the most expensive resorts in the France. Therefore, if you want to indulge in the world-class trip, then this classic spot offers fantastic amenities. It is world’s 5th largest skiing spots in the world. It is an ideal destination to plan your trip with kids.

    France is a beautiful destination. But, if you want to explore this stunning land in your winter vacations, then don’t forget to experience the fabulous skiing experience at the world’s popular and biggest ski destinations that we have mentioned above.

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  • Top 10 Ski Resorts In France

    The winter holiday season is all we wonder about, which are the best places where we can use our precious time. If you are in doubt between sports, relaxing ambient, family resorts or a good night out why not select a destination which can offer a combination of these. France winter skiing resorts for would be a perfect place for you, sure to provide you all of those and much more.

    1. One of the most popular is Avoriaz, attractive and large ski resort. Snowboarding and ski trails that will satisfy your needs . Well connected to ski areas nearby, occupied with ski lifts that will get you where you want.
    2. La Plagne, will make your holiday diverse. The dozen villages that it is combined of will give you a lot of choice in the way you intend to spend your holiday.
    3. If you are a nature lover MĂ©ribel will give you that connection. Or if you are a shopping lover, interested in a relaxation in a spa or just an outgoing person you would love it in MĂ©ribel.
    4. Courchevel is is the destination for you if you are a beginner in skiing. It has some of the best snowboarding schools and ski school where it is spoken in English so this will be an added bonus if English is your first language.
    5. If you are interested in seeing glacier Aiguille du Midi Chamonix is the place for you. For your perfect experience artificial snow is used hire to make it even more beautiful.
    6. For artistic souls Grenoble gives the perfect experience. It has accommodation for everybody’s budget and a lot of activities in addition to skiing. It is also titled as the capital of the Alps and its friendly residents.
    7. Tignes allows skiing during ten months of the year. What makes this resort unique is downhill fall from 1,350m to the Grande Motte glacier. Also known as resort smoothest ski slopes.
    8. Val d’Isere is destination for you if you are interested in combining your skiing vacation you want to visit Vanoise National Park, known for it’s the beauty and rare animal species and breathtaking nature.
    9. Les Gets l is the perfect destination for a family vacation because of the ski slopes for kids, wooden adjusted just for them and even professional nannies that will take care of them while you enjoy yourself.
    10. For more reserved people Saint-Gervais-les-Bains is the perfect place. Saint-Gervais-les-Bains offers a range of activities during the whole year. This is also a great place for some of the most popular extreme sports.

    Select your own perfect paradise, make the right choice and your time will be well utilized, your money spent in the right place and all your needs satisfied.

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  • The Most Popular Ski Resorts in France

    The fact that France ski resorts are so visited is supported by an incredible deal of activities, resorts, excellent ski runs, good arch wire, closeness to the Italian Alps and of course French cuisine and sophisticated wines. And because of that it has many popular ski resorts that are well known for just that. So without further ado, let’s start our journey through some of the most popular ski resorts in France.

    • Avoriaz is one of the most popular, most attractive and largest ski resorts of the France. Known for its snowboarding and ski trails it occupies a leading position in the world. It is connected to other ski areas by well occupied ski lifts and so it gives you many choices when it comes to picking ski trails of your choosing.
    • La Plagne, made up of a dozen small villages contributes to the diversity of your holiday. The villages are quite far from each other so it is advisable to carefully choose where to stay, because each of these villages is different in the style of development and activities provided.
    • MĂ©ribel gives you the feeling that you are connected with nature; it is also known for its shopping malls, spas, clubs and many snow recreational activities. Do you prefer modernity, traditional elegance or you type here will have a wide choice.
    • Chamonix has the title of the most popular and most equipped winter resorts in the world. One of the benefits is the proximity of the glacier Aiguille du Midi, and just for this reason many come to Chamonix. In Chamonix artificial snow is used to enhance the functionality of your skiing experience even further. Also it is known for being the most luxurious ski resort, not only in France but in the whole world.
    • If you are a gourmet, you love good music and theater Grenoble is the right place for you. It provides affordable accommodation and a large number of activities in conjunction with the activities of the snowy slopes. This place is also known for its title capital of the Alps and friendly people. Make sure to visit Grenoble and experience all of its charms.
    • Val d’Isere has one of the benefits that other resorts do not have and it is a proximity to the Vanoise National Park so it combines its offer with the beauty of the national park where you can see some of the rare species of animals that live in harmony with nature.
    • If you prefer more private paths correspond then Saint-Gervais-les-Bains the place for you. Saint-Gervais-les-Bains has an offer during the whole year because seasonality is not visible. It will blow you away with some of the activities for extreme sports.

    Visit this famous resorts, dedicate to yourself, chase away everyday worries of the modern world in these oases. If you have not already learned this is the right time to become familiar with it, you will be fit and relaxed, in harmony of mind and body.

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  • MĂ©ribel Ski Resort Guide

    MĂ©ribel belongs to one of the biggest ski region and offers the enjoyment of nature with a real ski vacation. It implies luxury and uniqueness of modern ski slopes, surrounded by nature. It is located at an altitude exceeding 1700m.

    MĂ©ribel can be reached by the Chambery airport which is about a hundred kilometers from the tourist center, but apart from this one there are several airports that you can use to get to MĂ©ribel, from the airport in Geneva and Lyon, you can come to this place. Although Chambery is the closest, you could be trapped there by the bad weather, and that certainly wouldn’t be good. You can also get to MĂ©ribel by a private helicopter or plane.

    Alongside many reasons to visit MĂ©ribel the most important are amazing and gorgeous trails, that will exceed your expectations in every way. The resort on the west side of Val Thorens and La Tania on the east and Courchevel combined with MĂ©ribel form one of the world’s largest ski areas, comprising about 600 km disordered trails that are there to make your vacation unforgettable. Satellite Resort is located at an altitude exceeding 1700m, it is MĂ©ribel-Mottaret valley. Due to the improvement of ski lifts through MĂ©ribel you can easily access other resorts effortlessly.

     It offers spa centers, large shopping malls, then a large snow surface that is suitable for every skier. You can visit the incredible observatory that will provide you with a beautiful view of the starry sky. It has a large selection of restaurants, even over 80, which provide international menus and a vide variety of foods and drinks to your delight. After dinner you can wear out your energy in a number of clubs and bars in Méribel. It has a large accommodation offer, but what’s especially attractive are the chalets that will not distract you from the presence of nature.

    In MĂ©ribel in 2015 World Cup Alpine Ski were held. For the purposes of Winter Olympics in 1992 it was built the Olympic Centre, which is now open every day for tourists. When you visit The Olympic Centre you will not want to go away because this place has a large number of activities that will enrich your vacation, such as: children’s pool, fitness center, water slide, swimming pool, climbing wave, horse-sleigh tours, walking routes and snowmobiling.

    MĂ©ribel is the perfect combination of tradition, elegance and modernity. This place is also specific for its good organization and activities for everyone. There is a comedy club and a English bar if you withdraw in your nostalgia. Many people come here not only for winter holidays, but even more summer vacation during which you can enjoy various activities like biking, golf and hiking. Prepare to go for a dream vacation for you and your loved ones, make the best memories with your family and friends, experience the wonder of nature, learn to ski like a professional and relax and enjoy every moment in MĂ©ribel.

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  • Les Arcs – A Skier’s Dream Destination

    This popular ski resort, located in the town of Bourg-Saint-Maurice in France, is one of the best destinations for skiers of all around the world. Les Arcs, which in the English language can be translated to “The Arcs”, is divided into five big areas, all with their own charms and indescribable slopes that would capture any skier’s heart. The five areas that make this skier’s paradise are the Arc 1600, Bourg-Saint-Maurice, Arc 1950, Arc 2000 and the best known and also the largest, Arc 1800.

    Arcs 1600 and 1800 are not that noticeable when looking from the slopes, as they are smaller than the other areas and are more family friendly. Set in the forest, the Arc 1600 is made up of huge apartment blocks and was the first of the areas to be established around Bourg. Thanks to it’s location, Arc 1600 is also the best place to hide from an incoming storm, as the nearby woods give a perfect place in which to do so. Arc 1800 is known among visitors to be the largest of all the five areas and as such it is the most popular one. Located all the way on the other side of the mountain, the Arcs 2000 and 1950 are quite close to each other and are set at the bottom of the long treeless slope. All of the five areas received their names according to their altitude.

     It is also interesting to mention that another famous ski resort La Plagne is linked to Les Arcs ski resort by cable car links from a nearby ski area, the Peisey-Vallandry, which is located south of Les Arcs. The Peisey-Vallandry ski area is also very close to Arc 1950, from which you can reach Peisey-Vallandry in just 20 minutes. With a futuristic feel of the apartment blocks to the amazing and well kept slopes, you also won’t fail to notice that Arc 2000 is the newest addition to the ski resort.

    Les Arcs is a gorgeous ski resort, loved by all skiers, because it offers you the whole experience. From the genuine beauty of the ski resort, a lot of challenging skiing, many slopes and variety in everything they have, even giving you a chance to visit other nearby ski resorts by cable car links. Visiting Les Arcs ski resort is just one whole unforgettable experience that will have you coming back for more.

    As already mentioned, the scenery and captivating beauty of Les Arcs has many gorgeous views. Mont Blanc can be seen from Arcs 1600 and 1800, but also some of the areas have an amazing view of the popular La Plagne ski resort.

    Truly a skiers paradise, Les Arcs is one of those ski resorts that has a long history. It offers skiers a better experience than they could ever dream of, with many slopes included to choose from, a choice of nearby ski resorts to visit, and the best sights of this French beauty.

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  • Avoriaz – The Most Popular Ski Resort

    Avoriaz is the most beautiful and it is the biggest winter resort in the Alps, also it is considered to be one of the biggest and most attractive not only in France, but also in Europe. It belongs to the territory of Moricizine, situated  in the center of Portes du Soleil. It can be reached through Chamonix and Geneva, or Lake Geneva. It is positioned just above Morzine, one of the first known ski towns.

    Avoriaz today occupies a leading position in the snowboarding and ski trail category. Here, tourists can engage in several other sports besides skiing, such as mountain biking, trekking or golf. Pierre &Vacances is a company that is responsible for the significant development of tourism in this city, the company is engaged in real estate and tourism and it is owned by Gerard Bremont. He recognized the potential of this winter resort and has a large share in its construction. In this beautiful winter resort a ski area was developed, and it includes the areas of Switzerland and France, in 1965 by Jean Vuarnet who is a former champion of the Olympic Games. Some of the most important ski slopes of the area are Les Portes du Soleil and Les TroisVallées with ski lifts that give you all the benefits and connection to the other areas. It has a rich architecture combined with the history and modernity in architecture for which all the merit goes to a group of young talented architects Jean-Marc Roques, Jean-Jacques Orzoni and Jacques Labro.

     Here, in the period from 1973 to 1993 the Festival international du film fantastiqued’Avoriazwas held. Also, the Tour de France was held here six times. Avoriaz is suitable as a family resort. It has a children’s village, the possibility of dog sledding, bicycling and enjoying the Aquariaz winter. For skiers there are developed trails that pass through the forest areas and take just under thirty kilometers in length. Despite all this, if you are not prone to skiing you can relax in a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere of the restaurants, hotels, and then you can have fun in local nightclubs. If you are a beginner in skiing, you can learn to ski in the excellent ski schools, also if you want to improve your skiing skills you can do that with the most professional instructors and surprise yourself with your hidden skills, thus overcoming your limits.

    When it comes to restaurants, you will not be disappointed to visit this incredible gourmet city and enjoy in a comfortable ambience, try the finest French wines, the most delicious cheeses and sweeten your palate with some of the most delicious treats of these restaurants. From hotels you can expect an offer that varies from very cheap hotels to luxury resorts that would fulfill your every desire, with high quality and fast service that provide you with all the comforts you need. So if you are interested in winter sports, this would be a perfect place to visit.

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  • French Alps Ski Resorts

    France has some of the best ski resorts in the world, with most of them located in the French Alps region. Many of the French Alps ski resorts are well known for their amazing slopes and variety of hotels, restaurants and gorgeous scenery. They offer the best skiing experience not only for beginners and professionals alike. The French Alps offer us some of the best ski resorts in the world, and we are here to help you learn about some of the best ones.

    • La Plagne is one of these places, located in the region of the French Alps it is one of the best known skiing destinations among skiers and snowboarders. Located near Mont Blanc, this ski resort has the some of the best activities beside skiing on it’s amazing steep slopes. It is also located very close to Les Arcs, another ski resort in the French Alps that also offers an amazing experience. The two ski resorts are even connected with cable cars, making La Plagne a perfect skiing destination, as you have a chance to experience both ski resorts at once. They are connected through a smaller ski resort Peisey-Vallandry which is more suited for families.
    • La Plagne and Les Arcs are definitely the most popular skiing destinations in the French Alps region, you will be mesmerized by their scenic and captivating views of Mont Blanc and amazing service.
    • Even with these two amazing ski resorts working together, not one can come close to Alped’Huez which is and will remain the most beautiful ski resort in the French Alps. Based around a small village, Alped’Huez is a ski resort that has amazing off slope activities, great for skiers and snowboarders alike of all skill levels and ages, regular snowfall, and and the charms of the village centre of Bourg-d’Oisans. The ski resort slopes can go up to 3300 m in altitude and offer a great experience for everyone. With an ever expanding ski resort like Alped’Huez, you will see much more activities and attractions in the future, as the resort is looking for more investors to invest in this gorgeous ski resort in the French Alps.
    • The closest airport from which you can arrive in Alpe d’Huez is the well known Grenoble airport. It is just 90 miles from Alped’Huez, making it really easy to visit this ski resort rich with great scenery and many activities.
    • Visiting any of these ski resorts will give you an unforgettable experience as they are some of the most visited skiing destinations in France, thanks to the amount and quality of slopes and off slopes activities they offers. They are great for families with children as they offer child facilities and slopes for beginners, or those who just want to enjoy some relaxing skiing with their friends and relatives. So don’t hesitate, and visit La Plagne, Les Arcs and Alped’Huez and explore their rich hotel and restaurant selection all designed to make your stay an even greater experience.
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  • Top 5 Ski Resorts in France

    1. Avoriaz is one of the most known and largest resort of the Alps. It is a part of Moricizine aria. Besides skiing people can enjoy many others sports. It has beautiful and memorable buildings. The Festival international du film fantastiqued’Avoriaz used to be held here, but also the Tour de France, six times. It is a great place for families. Avoriaz has ski trails through beautiful forests, skiing schools, affordable and luxury hotels and restaurants with most delicious food. From hotels to offer you can find a very cheap variety of services that suit everyone.
    1. Chamonix is one of the best equipped and most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is located near the glacier Aiguille du Midi. Chamonix occupies the north side of the Alpine peak of Mont Blanc, in fact this peak belongs to the village of Chamonix. Winter tourist center of Chamonix is very visited and popular among sport fans and it offers many opportunities for recreation, relaxation and of course accommodation. At a height of 995 to 4.810 m Chamonix is synonym for mountain and winter tourism. Highest trail of Western Europe is built here. Chamonix uses snow artificially made to increase the amount of natural snow.
    1. Grenoble throughout the year offers many tourist activities that attract large numbers of tourists. In Grenoble the Winter Olympic Games were held in 1968. It has the title of the capital of the Alps and the sixteenth largest city in France. What attracts tourists among other things are interesting people, quality music and food. The festival of amateur theater is held every year and it attracts young people from around the world. There is a wide variety of restaurants with gastronomic specialties that will not leave you indifferent. When it comes to accommodation there is a wide range of dormitories and hotels that anyone can afford. It also has a variety of beautiful hotels with good services and quality and affordable prices,Angleterre Hotel stands out for its location in the city center.
    1. Val d’Isere is located in the southeast of France, belonging to the area of Savoie, it is a municipality in the Tarentaise Valley. Val d’Isere is very appealing and a world-famous ski center. Paths go at a height above 3000m, long for tens of kilometers. One of the benefits is that it is located near the Italian border and it borders the national park Vanoise. At this point every year Ski World Cup is held.
    1. Saint-Gervais-les-Bains is a popular tourist destination on the southeast side of France, which attracts tourists each year. Ski slopes occupies an area of 450 kilometers, it is the third-largest in France. If you prefer lonely trails this is the place for you because one of the many benefits is that on these trails there not many skiers. At this point, seasonality is not so uttered, so many people come throughout the whole year. Some of the activities that attract visitors in this place are climbing, mountain biking, paragliding, hiking and many other.
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