Courchevel 1850

Known for being the most luxurious French ski resort, the Courchevel 1850 ski resort is located in the region of the French Alps, and is without a doubt the largest and most beautiful ski resort in the whole world that practises linked ski areas. With its roots dating back to World War II, it was also the first ski resort in France that was not based around any of the villages. It was built from scratch. Renowned for its amazing scenery, rich history, amazing slopes that would satisfy even world skiing champions and a number of luxurious hotels, this ski resort is the best of the best. It shows just how beautiful a ski resort can be. There and many restaurants in Courchevel that offer a great choice of fine foods and drinks, where you can spend your rest days fully enjoying the charms of this ski resort.


Dating back all the way to the 1920, when it was first established, Megève is a gorgeous ski resort in France that offers skiers the best experience. From beautiful and scenic long slopes, a historic feeling from the town’s centre, to offering a vide choice of hotels and restaurants, making this one of the most luxurious ski resorts not only in France but in the whole world. Mont Blanc can also be seen from the steep slopes, which adds to its charms even more. The slopes are surrounded by gorgeous and captivating wooded areas that gives you that authentic feeling and a great adrenaline rush if you come too close. With an abundance of activities to do besides enjoying the steep slopes, Megève is one of the most popular destinations for skiers of arcos the globe.


Avoriaz is one of the most popular ski resorts in France. With a number of activities that it offers beside skiing, it is the best place to visit with family and friends. Avoriaz is the most known ski resort in France, because of its amazing slopes and great scenery. A superb skiing destination not just for adults, but also for the young ones as it has some of the best child facilities than all of the ski resorts in France. It is a luxurious ski resort that offers the best experience.

Val d’Isère

This ski resort located in France offers the best slopes and activities for skiers and snowboarders alike. Val d’Isère is definitely not the biggest ski resort in the world, but it is definitely one that is unmatched in its beauty. With its slopes, services and accommodations for visitors constantly being upgraded, Val d’Isère is a ski resort that wants to give skiers the best possible experience. It is one of the most modern ski resorts out there and one that will accommodate your every desire. Great for beginners as well as professionals, Val d’Isère has many diverse slopes, from relaxing slopes suited for beginners to steep slopes that professionals will be amazed to use.