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    How much snow is there in France?

    Depth depends on the height of the mountain, it ranges from 60cm to 250cm of snow, and the depth is actually in Abriès.

    Which ski resorts are in the area of Mont Blanc?

    That would be Gavarnie Gèdre ski resort located at an altitude of 2400m and the Ski Pass Mont Blanc ski lifts up to 3840m.

    Can I reserve skis online?

    Of course you can, you will also have a fifty percent savings when you order online.

    What is the most convenient airport to the ski areas in France?

    Near the ski areas in France there are about forty airports and among the closest Chambery airport.

    Is there anything to do in French resorts during the summer season?

    Of course, you can enjoy biking, hiking, rock climbing and many other activities, resorts are attractive throughout the year.

    Do they have facilities for children in the French resorts?

    There is so-called children’s village where the children can learn skiing, playgrounds and nannies for children.

    Which resort is best suited for paragliding?

    That would be Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, where you can enjoy any snow sport that comes to your mind.

    What would be the additional payments?

    What has the additional costs is to ensure, passes for ski lifts, skiing instruction and treatments in spa centers.

    Is it advisable to avoid French resorts during holiday times?

    Yes it is because a big number of people come here, it would be advisable to book accommodation in advance.

    Which destination of the French mountain resorts is best for your summer holiday?

    Méribel provides the most activities both in winter and in the summer season.

    Where is national park Vanoza situated?

    It is located in the Tarentaise region as an extension of the Italian National Park Gran Paradiso.

    What is the most attractive place for climbers in France?

    Mountain peak Mont Blanc, glacier Mer de Glace and Aiguille du Midi – shaped like a huge pyramid.

    According to the law is it required to be wearing a helmet in France?

    It is not but it is recommended for your own safety.

    How can I get from La Plagne to Les Arcs?

    By Vanoise Express cable car, it links these two areas.

    At what height is Mont Blanc?

    Mont Blanc reaches a height of almost five thousand meters.

    Is it true that France does not have as many restrictions as in North America for skiing?

    In France there are no such restrictions, and it is allowed the van ride and to go off regular tracks but it is best to bring a guide if you do not know the tracks very well.

    How modern are the ski lifts in France?

    They are highly equipped; they have high-speed six-sweaters, modern high-tech, and state of the art cable cars.

    Is the French resorts nightlife any good?

    The majority of French resorts have good nightlife with music that will keep you on your feet until the morning.

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  • About me

    Skiing is an activity that has a history of about five millennia with origins from Scandinavia and possibly China. As for the modern alpine category it usually takes place in a ski resort or arranged track. Ski lifts are necessary because alpine equipment is hard to walk in. Nowadays you need a lot of equipment if you want a full skiing experience. For this every enthusiastic skier must choose good where to spend his vacation.

    Since the holiday season has begun, many are wondering where they want to spend their time and use it smartly. Our free money and free time are precious and we need to use them in the right way. In this case, French winter skiers would certainly be appropriate. As a leading force in tourism France provides the perfect atmosphere, especially when it comes to skiing enthusiasts. Marked trails with the best equipment, appropriate accommodation and numerous activities for both young people and families are attracted to the many ski resorts of France.

    Of the leading winter ski resorts in France and throughout the world can be distinguished Avoriaz, La Plagne, Chamonix, Méribel, Grenoble, Saint-Gervais-les-Bains and many others who lack in nothing, especially not in the number of tourists that come there. In France Olympic Games are often held and French skiing centers are synonym for recreational tourism.

    Winter ski resorts Megève and then Kurajber are pioneers when this type of tourism is concerned. In the province of Haute-Savoie is registered even over fifty ski resorts. Here the infrastructure is at a high level, with gondolas, ski lifts and are able to transport almost seven hundred thousand skiers per hour; the bearing capacity of five hundred ten thousand beds accomplish even twenty million overnight stays a year. Chamonix is becoming popular for winter tourism after the construction of the railway 1901 and is one of the most visited and best equipped winter tourist centers.

    What attracts so many tourists to the French ski resort next to the incredible skiing experience did Mont Blanc mountain peak, Glacier Aiguille du Midi, close to the national park Vanoza; and of course, wild nightlife, relaxing spas, best skiing schools for beginners and pros, enjoying the luxury hotels and chalets. Les DeuxAlpes and Tignes are places that would fulfill your time there with good fun; singing, drinking, just enjoying your time. After a hard day on the slopes you can enjoy a good time in one of the restaurants that offer delicious French cuisine, sophisticated wines and fulfilling cuisine. Alongside skiing, in these centers you can enjoy paragliding, dog sledges, snowshoeing, hiking, snowboarding, mountaineering, rock climbing and cycling.

    All in all French resorts offer everything necessary for experienced skiers, beginners and those who want a nice holiday in the mountains. Accommodation prices are affordable for every pocket, offering a natural and luxury hotels that meet all the requirements and exceed expectations. France is rightly placed in the leading position in the tourism industry and will continue to be in that position as long as it goes at this rate.

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